Hello, my name is Cam!

I'm a climbing arborist based out of Eugene, Oregon.

There are 3 things in life that get me truly excited...

  1. Climbing Trees.

  1. Working with small businesses.

  1. Slacklining.

  1. Churros. (Ok that was four.)

Backyard spur climbing practice. (2018)

Tree Climbing

I am obsessed with the idea of spur climbing. The problem is, I don't have any trees to practice on.

One day my foreman Owen helped me bring a 12 foot long log home from a recent removal. I have a stump in my backyard, so I lash the log to the stump with a piece of bull rope. On several occasions the log almost fell through the neighbors fence.

The first time I get to "climb on the clock" I pinch myself because it doesn't feel real. I can't believe I get "paid to play outside". Tree climbing is hard but I love the challenge.

After two years of climbing daily, three broken fence panels and one broken bird feeder later... Im finally feeling comfortable cutting with a chainsaw in the tree.

I've come to appreciate the culture of working for a small business. My effort has a direct impact on the profit of the company. This empowering feeling inspires me to start my own business.


The tree service I work for scrambles to find work to keep the employees busy. This sparks a curiosity inside me to learn more about sales and marketing.

After taking a sales and marketing course, I help my boss set up a text message marketing. Within 24 hours we get 8 jobs booked! Im gratified by the fact that we were able to fill the schedule, and climb more trees.

So I think to myself... I'm sure other tree care companies have this same issue.

Flying Tree Agency is born.

My mission is to SUPERCHARGE your tree service with creative marketing campaigns.

Smith Rock, 130 ft long 250 ft high.


Slacklining is currently my favorite activity. I love the creative process of rigging a high-line.

While on the line, I am faced with my deepest fears and insecurities. Instead of running away, I walk through the fear.

Staying calm in the face of danger strengthens my mind, and conditions my body to overcome any obstacle in life.

The lessons I've learned on the line carry into every aspect of my life.

3 life lessons I learned while slacklining.

  • Take one step at a time.

  • If you fail, don't beat yourself up.

  • Commit, and be consistent.


  • Sugar, dough, cinnamon and oil. I can't imagine a more beautiful thing.

  • Goes well with a cold Horchata.

  • Flour can be substituted with finely ground sawdust.

Countdown till next Churro

Take a slice of the pie.

The internet Is a large and powerful place. Make your tree buisness known with a beautiful website that helps you capture leads with ease!

Tree work is hard enough, finding clients should be easy. Supercharge your tree care company with the flying tree system so you can acquire costumers on autopilot.

Spend more time poppin' tops and less time looking for jobs!

Take Your Tree Service To New Heights

Flying Tree Agency 2023